5 easy ways to keep your immunity high this Autumn!

Beginning of Autumn and Back-to-School, here’s how to keep your immunity as high as possible!

1 – Eat the rainbow

One of the best ways to support your immunity with nutrition is by nourishing your body. Try and get as many different colours of fresh fruit and vegetables into your daily diet as possible. Yellow peppers, red tomatoes, green lettuce, you get the picture :) Ideally you eat seasonal fruit and veg and be sure to eat a large variety so that you benefit from the different vitamins and nutrients from different foods.

School tip - avoid sweet treats in lunch boxes and swap for nuts and fruit coated in yoghurt – they’re packed with zinc, which is also a really effective immunity booster.

2 – Vitamin C

This one is an oldy but a goody. Vitamin C is one of the most well known vitamins for keeping your immunity strong. This vitamin can easily be obtained through diet as it is abundant in many foods, such as: citrus fruit, red and green peppers, strawberries, blackcurrants, broccoli and spinach. Make your family a smoothie every morning and add a teaspoon of Manuka Health Manuka Honey for extra sweetness and an extra dose of immunity boosting goodness.

3 – Stick to a sleeping schedule

Try and get your kids to sleep at the same time every day. When your children are tired, their body resistance decreases, making them more vulnerable to getting sick. Make sure they get enough sleep and help their bodies fight any diseases that come their way.

4 - Personal Hygiene

Teach good hygiene. No sharing of drinks or food and always coughing or sneezing into your elbow and washing your hands frequently. Hand washing is so important, at school, when they get home, before they eat, make it a routine. These are some tools to encourage personal hygiene after all, prevention is always better than cure.

5 – Spend time outdoors

In Malta we are lucky to have lots of sunshine, so be sure to get enough Vitamin D by spending time outdoors. Getting enough Vitamin D can help support your immune system, which is particularly important in these Covid times.

By helping yourself, and following all health guidelines, you’ll be more likely to have a strong and healthy Autumn and Winter. Our final recommendation? 1 teaspoon of MGO400+ or MGO550+ a day :)