How to feel our best in the cold!

While cold weather has the tendency to encourage a more idle way of life, research has shown that staying active and doing the things you love, irrespective of the weather, will help elevate your mood and give you that dopamine hit to keep smiling.

We’ve put together a few things you can do to stay happy in the cold!

1 – Eat Seasonal!

Our grandparents always ate what was in season, and many of them lived long and happy lives, so we should too! Making a hearty soup with seasonal vegetables and eating fresh fruit can help your mood and keep your insides happy.

We recommend a bowl of delicious strawberries, and glass of local orange juice, full of vitamin C, just what we need in January.

2 - Change your hair and give your skin the extra care it needs!

It’s amazing what a haircut can do to lift your mood, why not give your hair a trim?
Your skin might also need some more help in the cold, so be sure to moisturise daily – remember to take care of those lips and feel your best. 

3 – Drink more water and get a good night’s sleep!

This one is an oldie but a goodie… do you drink enough water? It can be harder in Winter since you don’t feel so thirsty, but your body needs water just the same. We find that filling a reusable water bottle helps us get to our water goal a little easier. Combine that with 8 hours of sleep and you’ll feel fit as a fiddle!

4 – Exercise!

If your daily walk, jog or other exercise routine has gone belly up because of inclement weather, do not despair, there are several fantastic workouts online which can easily be followed from home. Why not give them a try and give your body a good stretch, you’ll feel so much better after. 

5 – Find your inner joy!

January is the perfect time to do what makes you feel good and to plan your healthy goals for the year. We recommend starting your day with a teaspoon of Manuka Health’s Manuka honey – add it to a smoothie, granola and yogurt or enjoy it directly off the spoon.
For us it’s Manuka Honey on our morning granola, and reading a good book after our daily dose of exercise!

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