Let’s talk PROPOLIS!

Propolis is made by bees from plant resins and beeswax, and is one of nature’s most powerful compounds! Used to seal, protect and sterilise the beehive, propolis acts as an immune defense mechanism for the hive and protects the hive against invaders and infection.

Propolis has been used as a traditional health product for centuries, with modern science confirming that the protective properties of propolis have significant benefits for human health.

What are the benefits and why should we take it?

Move aside Turmeric, Propolis is here. And has been for quite some time, actually.

Propolis has been used as a traditional health product since ancient times. It was used to treat sores, ulcers, oral infections and coughs by the ancient Greeks, and was even used as an embalming agent by ancient Egyptians (please don't try this at home!).

Modern research confirms high quality bioactive propolis has remarkable protective properties that support key aspects of human health:

Immune support & Winter Wellness - Propolis provides powerful support for immune defences and aids balanced immune function. It's a great winter supplement to help support resistance and recovery from common winter ills.

Antioxidant protection - Propolis provides proven antioxidant activity for cellular health and protection. Antioxidants are important for healthy aging and are particularly supportive for athletes, city-dwellers and those with stressful lifestyles.

General Wellbeing - The powerful immune and antioxidant benefits of propolis provide broad support in the body for overall health and wellbeing.

Ongoing research indicates that high quality bioactive propolis has potential therapeutic use in the areas of:

- Immune health

- Antioxidant protection including for age-related conditions

-Gastrointestinal health

- Cardiovascular health

- Liver health

- Oral health

- Respiratory health

- Wound healing and skin health

-Bone and joint care

- Blood sugar management

How to use Propolis?

Propolis can be taken short or long term to support your health needs:

- Take Propolis liquid internally for immune support and general wellbeing

- Dilute Propolis liquid in water as a gargle or mouthwash for throat and mouth health

- Propolis liquid can also be applied directly to the skin to aid healing


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