Your year long Manuka Honey Routine!

Our 4 bestselling MGO Manuka Honey Pots range in an MGO rating of between 100+ to 550+, so which is best to use and when? Here’s our guideline;

MGO™ 100+
• This can be your daily Spring/Summer dose. In general (and in normal pre-covid times) there are generally less viruses in Summer and the hot months. A daily dose of MGO 100+ will keep your immunity up and boosted.

MGO™ 250+
• Come September, and the start of Autumn we recommend upping your MGO dose. The 250+ pot is a significant increase as weather starts cooling down and beach days become less frequent.

MGO™ 400+ & MGO™ 550+
• We’re pairing our 400+ and 550+ together for the cold, Winter months. From December to February colds, flus and viruses are the most common and the most catchy. With everyone at school and most working in close proximity at an office the higher doses of our honey pots are recommended.

A recommended daily dose for all Manuka honey pots is one teaspoon.

As a little reminder, whilst local honey is endemic to where we all live, it’s the MGO in our Manuka Honey which makes it special. Have a look at our previous blog for more information on why our Manuka Health is so special.

Please note that these are just guidelines, if you are immune-compromised, work in a high risk environment or around a lot of people, we recommend sticking to a high MGO rating for more immunity protection all year round.

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